Her Majesty, Short film, 2020, IMDB, Trailer

Production Designer

Writer | Carmela Corbett
Director | Rebekah Fortune
Director of Photography | Haridas Stewart
Executive Producer | Pete Townsend

The future Queen of England stands alone in the English countryside, she must find a way to address her subjects. The year is 2020.

The audience will discover they are alive in the delusion of an old woman suffering from dementia and delusions, who believes she is the young Queen Elizabeth. Every day, she embarks on a fantastical journey; and every day, she is accompanied on that journey by Billy, her grandson, who often skips school in order to care for her.

LA Shorts 2021 (BAFTA/ OSCAR Qualifying) - Official Selection  
Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying) - Semi Finalist
Prague International Indie Festival 2021 - Honourable Mention Best Production Design & Winner. Best Screenwriting & Best Supporting Actress 
Hollyshorts 2020 - Screenplay Official Selection 

Before and After

Design elements to support the Alzheimer's narrative

Colour + Textures

May Davies

Production Design
+ Art Direction