Late, Short Film, 2018, IMDB

Art Director

Production Designer  | Jeff Schell

Writer | Julia Cranney
Director | Robyn Fox
Director of Photography | Simona Susnea
Producer | Ollie Watts

It’s the early 90s, long before the hope and disappointment of the Blair government, in what now feels like the near, pre-modern past. LAUREN (24) wakes up with her ex GREG (27) next to her, and a sense of not-again regret.

But this time feels different. As she and ELLEN (25) plough on with the minutiae of life (hangovers and low-paid bar jobs), LAUREN worries that she hasn’t been as careful as she might, and that maybe these trysts have forced a different future.

The prospect of a child, of pregnancy, of Greg in her life now and forever. The certainty, the surely not, and the friend who makes her feel better – that’s Late.

May Davies

Production Design
+ Art Direction