The (Un)Holy Trinity

Made in collaboration with Sedition - an online digital art platform - the films will be exhibited as a large, digital, multi-channel film installation to celebrate International Woman’s Day 2020.

Production Designer | May Davies

Art Department Assistant | Katherine Docherty
Director + Producer | Laura Jean Healey 
Phantom Camera Technician | Robin Horn
Gaffer | Michael McDermott
Movement Director | Sarita Piotrowski
Make Up Artist| Paul Rodgers

YICCA International Art Prize 20/21, Milan, Winner
Film Arte Festival 4th edition Berlin 2021, Germany, Best Art Installation
London International Monthly Film Festival 2021, UK, Best Production Design & Cinematography
Vienna Indie Short Film Festival 2021, Austria, Best Cinematography
New York International Women Festival 2021, USA, Best Production Design
International Art Festival London 2021, UK, Official Selection

Black and white concept drawing by Laura Jean Healey

May Davies

Production Design
+ Art Direction