Gregs Story | Sarahs Story | Steves Story, Signal Films

3 Short films commissioned by Achieve Northwest, through NOMS National Offender Management Service to highlight the difficulties ex-offenders have when trying to find employment.

Director. Ben Salavati

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Power to the People - The Juice Story, Finished Films ltd, Web Promo 2017

Director | Nour Wazzi
Director of Photography | Yiannis Manolopoulos
Producer | Shirine Best

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The Pearl Series, Electric Copper Films

The Pearl Series chronicles the lives of four individuals who find themselves at an impasse. With words as weapons they orchestrate their escape, rationalising, scheming and lying they unpick the truth to find a brief freedom. The situations they find themselves in range from the impossible to the absurd. The choices they make are deliberate and often flawed. If nothing else their stories are true.

Short listed for The Lift Off Festivals in both Sydney and London 2018


May Davies

Production Design
+ Art Department
+44 7841 011 955